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SegmentWeight PrivilegesExcess Baggage
Charge (Per KG)
SegmentWeight PrivilegesExcess Baggage
Charge (Per KG)
Business ClassEconomy ClassBusiness ClassEconomy Class
DAC-CCU40 Kg20 KgUSD 05CCU-DAC40 Kg25 KgINR 200 / USD 03
CGP-CCU40 Kg20 KgUSD 05CCU-CGP40 Kg25 KgINR 250 / USD 3.50
DAC-MAA30 Kg20 KgUSD 05MAA-DAC40 Kg30 KgINR 600 / USD 08
CGP-MAA30 Kg20 KgUSD 05MAA-CGP40 Kg30 KgINR 600 / USD 08
DAC-BKK40 Kg20 KgUSD 12BKK-DAC40 Kg35 KgTHB 290 / USD 08
DAC-CAN50 Kg30 KgUSD 10CAN-DAC50 Kg30 KgCNY 64 / USD 10
DAC-MLE40 Kg30 KgUSD 10MLE-DAC50 Kg40 KgMVR 155 / USD 10
DAC-KUL40 Kg30 KgUSD 15KUL-DAC40 Kg35 KgMYR 25 / USD 06 per Kg. (After FBA up to 30 Kg excess baggage) MYR 35 / USD 08 per Kg. (After FBA+30 Kg excess baggage)
DAC-SIN40 Kg30 KgUSD 15SIN-DAC50 Kg40 KgSGD 20 / USD 15
DAC-MCT40 Kg20 KgUSD 15MCT-DAC50 Kg40 KgOMR 06 / USD 16
CGP-MCT40 Kg20 KgUSD 15MCT-CGP50 Kg40 KgOMR 06 / USD 16
DAC-DXB40 Kg30 KgUSD 15DXB-DAC50 Kg40 KgAED 50 / USD 14
DAC-SHJ40 Kg30 KgUSD 15SHJ-DAC50 Kg40 KgAED 50 / USD 14
DAC-DOH40 Kg20 KgUSD 15DOH-DAC50 Kg40 KgQAR 50 / USD 14
CGP-DOH40 Kg20 KgUSD 15DOH-CGP50 Kg40 KgQAR 50 / USD 14

Note: Adult/Child same Baggage allowance & Infant only 10kg


Passengers from same day international flights will get an extra free baggage allowance of 10 kg for domestic flights. Subject to the submission of travel documents.

Extra baggage will cost taka 100/ kg for domestic flights.

Delayed or damaged baggage

Liability for loss, delay or damage to baggage is strictly limited for domestic journey unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid, the applicable liability limit is BDT 120 only per kg for checked and unchecked baggage. We shall not be liable for any baggage which is improperly or inadequately packed. We assume no liability for fragile, valuable or perishable goods.

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