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Some fees and charges may apply to making changes to your booking, depending on the fare conditions of your ticket. If you make changes through Manage Booking, you’ll find which charges will apply for penalties or additional taxes.
You’ll also need to pay the difference if the fare for the new itinerary you’re planning to book is higher than the fare you’ve already paid. You’ll need to pay for the charges and fare difference online to complete the changes to your ticket.

How to Change

Fare differences and change policies may vary according to the place of purchase.
Tickets purchased on the website can be changed through the website or mobile app or nearest sales outlets
Please contact the place of purchase for tickets through travel agencies or other airlines.

Terms and Conditions

Ticket changes are subject to the fare rules of your ticket.

Find out how to check fare rules.

Fare rules can be checked on the e-ticket itinerary (itinerary & receipt).
For tickets purchased through the website or mobile app, you can check the changed policy, fare difference, and other details by changing your reservation.

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