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Fly to Chattogram with the fast and reliable US Bangla Airlines every day. Formerly known as “Chittagong”, it is the 2nd largest city in Bangladesh. Since the sixth century, people have been using the city as one of South Asia’s most important seaports.

Surrounded by hills and riverside areas, the port city is one of the most attractive places to visit in Bangladesh. As the Financial Capital of Bangladesh, it is always crowded and has some great places to explore including beach areas, lakes, hills, and artificial parks. Book a flight to Chattogram today to explore the unseen beauty of the port city.

Explore Chattogram with US-Bangla Airlines

Book a flight to Chattogram to experience the busy metropolitan area, blissful beaches, majestic Karnaphuli river, heavenly lakes, and wooded green hills.

Tourist Attractions to Chattogram

Though Chattogram is one of the busiest areas in Bangladesh because of its trades and businesses, you can explore unique mountain ranges along with the beaches, lakes, and artificial monuments.

Many tourists visit the port city to enjoy the beaches, especially, Patenga sea beach. Situated at the mouth of the Karnafuli river, Patenga sea beach consists of 22km of unspoiled sands. If you are looking for some spectacular sunsets, it is one of the best places in Bangladesh.

Parki beach is another great attraction that is far from the metropolitan city and situated between Karnaphuli river and delta in Anwara. Compared to Cox’s Bazar, Parki is a quiet beach where you can enjoy beautiful sunset and sunrise with great views and a calm environment.

There are some other beaches that you also want to enjoy. You can enjoy sunsets and spend a great evening at Dakkhin Kattali Sea Beach, Chaouchal Sea Beach, and Khejur Tola Sea Beach.

There are some great museums to witness the culture and history of Bangladesh and its culture. You can visit the Ethnological Museum to explore how the life of ethnic people goes, what are their culture and tradition, and the history of tribal people in Bangladesh. You can also explore Bangladesh Maritime Museum, Commonwealth War Cemetery, and Zia Memorial Museum to know the hidden truths of the history and culture of the financial capital of Bangladesh.

Leisure Activities

As Chattogram is one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh, you can spend your leisure time with your friends and family here and enjoy different places. One of the best family day-outs can be in Foy’s Lake Concord Amusement World, where you can enjoy a theme park, a water park, and Foy's Lake Resort.

If you love kayaking and bring to light some watery experiences, you can also enjoy Bhatiyari Lake. The scenic beauty surrounded by hills makes you feel excited. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a boat trip on the lake. If you want to try playing golf, you can also relish Chittagong Golf Club.


Chattogram is famous for its spicy and hot curries — especially beef. Though you can find all kinds of foods here, including pizza, Chinese food, Mexican, or even ice cream, you should explore the mouth-watering street foods here. You can find the street foods here and there, especially near the famous visiting places of the port city.

The most famous food in Chattogram is Mejban ghost, where Mejban means host. Other famous foods are fish curry and delicious dried fish recipes. Kala bhuna (beef) and Bone Soup (Nolar Jhol), ‘Chonar Dal' and rice with different kinds of Varta are some of the regular traditional foods here.


While there are plenty of shops and shopping malls in the city, you can’t travel to Chattogram without looking for bargains in one of the many markets. Markets are renowned for their low prices and an astonishing array of goods, from local crafts and food, to high-end electronic gadgets and mobile phones.


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US-Bangla Airlines operates direct flight to Chattogram from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Moreover, there are also direct flights from Muscat and Sharjah. The airport is close to Patenga Sea beach and the Karnafuli river, surrounded by green trees. You can check the schedule by checking the timetable for flight times

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